Specially featured and designed school bus tracking system that ensures students safety and well managed student transportation

It also comprises student's attendance system by means of RED technology which is one of the most efficient and accurate attendance systems. Parents can track location, status of their child from anywhere by logging into web based mobile applications.

Students carry a small card that contains passive RFID technology that logs each student's entry or exit automatically when the student passes the scanner located on the school bus. For Parents' Peace of Mind Parents can receive student tracking information by cell phone and computer browser with Nuevas

Student bus tracking is designed specifically for school transportation to track and monitor student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way. Knowing if and when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a significant portion of calls parents make to schools and is information that schools need to know. Just What Schools Have Been Asking For Nuevas has succeeded where others have not by using its patented Radio Frequency Identification Device (RPM) technology to solve the problem.