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School Bus DVR System

Specially designed for school bus

School Bus Attendance Management Systems for your school

Specially featured and designed school bus tracking system that ensures students safety and well managed student transportation


Track the location, history, and health of your vehicle fleet in real-time from your desktop, tablet or phone! Manage by exception with custom alerts and improve fleet performance with extensive reporting and analytics.

About DSGN

Thank you for choosing DSGN, the leading GPS Tracking company. We conquered the UAE market with the most efficient GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

We have continuously focused on providing the most accurate and cost effective GPS tracking solutions available. From our CAR TRACKER range to PERSONAL TRACKERS to multi-devices needed for business purposes

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About DSGN GPS Tracking

Why Choose Us

24/7 Support

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency support, the DSGN 24/7 team is on call and staffed with highly trained staff.

1.5 million+ User requests over Cloud

In a short span of time; DSGN Track has conquered the market with the most comprehensive and innovative GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

2.4 million+ Fleet traces per diem

Monitoring Fleets that spans over different part of the globe. Not merely Vehicles but other Assets too; makes it flexible and adaptable.

360° Applications and Modules

Apps extended with GPS Tracking System proves that it's not simply monitoring, but helps increasing profit too. Shake hands with us to see the ascend in productivity.

What We Offer Here

We provide different category of the Tracking services which include portable trackers and move them as you please or Fixed device used to track the car from anywhere in the world or devices to manage multiple drivers, Temperature and Humidity readings for FMCG industries.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

GDSGN GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking Solution. The DSGN GPS solution offers live web based vehicle tracking and fleet management.

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School Bus Management

School Bus Solution deliver the real-time intelligence you need to optimize your operation, improve safety and reduce transportation expenses.

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CC TV Camera Systems

DSGN is one of the best CCTV camera installation companies in Dubai. CCTV installation, testing and commissioning is our main security provision service. s

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Car DVR Systems

A Car DVR is a device that records video inside a car. This device is used to capture the images of the road while the car is being driven.

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Ambulance Management

Monitor unlimited ambulances around-the-clock with a single software user-interface Get access to unprecedented information about ambulance usage.

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We are providing systems for reducing Operating Costs for fleets is one of the major service of us.

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Can I get help 24/7

Yes you will get support 24/7, DSGN 24/7 team is on call and will assist you in all your queries about our services.

Is DSGN devices compatable with all vehicles?

Yes, our device is a universal solution that can be installed on any type of vehicle.

Any other queries?

If you have any other enquiry please complete the following form and we will be in contact to discuss your needs.

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